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Technical Papers

Fabrication of Equally Axial Channel Extrusion Device for Processing of TiCoSb-based Intermetallics  
Boltzmann's Analysis of Commuter Train Transport to "Hot Spot"Tokyo  
Wilfried WUNDERLICH and Shuuichi TAMURA
Achievements and Challenges of Nano-structured Titanium Dioxide Derived from Sol-Gel Processing  
Wilfried WUNDERLICH, Rino R.MUKTI, Suminto WINARDI, Krishnankutty-Nair P. KUMAR and Tatsuya OKUBO
Education and Research by Developing a Le Mans Car -Aerodynamic analysis, design and production of a car body-  
Ryuta SUZUKI, Hayato KURIHARA, Kosaburo MUKAI and Yoshimasa HAYASHI

KMUTT-TOKAI UNIVERSITY 2nd Joint Seminar Advanced Engineering  
Hirohisa UCHIDA
Education of Nuclear Engineering in Tokai University  
Toshiaki OHE
Trends in Advanced Subjects and Research Projects in Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering  
Ryu-ichiro OHYAMA
Introduction to Quality of Education and Research Programs in Department of Civil Engineering and Newest Technologies in Construction in Japan  
Shigeo HONMA
Introduction of Three Departments Related to Mechanical Engineering in Tokai University and My research on "Easy-release SCREW"  
Kazunari YOSHIDA